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October 25, 2012

Useful FAQ about Auto Vehicle Transport

Your shipping vehicle is very important section of equipment and if you’re planning a big move, you don’t want to put your car in the hands of any careless slob looking to make a few extra dollars you want it handled by experts. Even if you have organized on using car transport services, you may still be uneasy about the process. In order to have peace of mind so you can focus on more important things, here are a few answers to common questions people have about auto vehicle transport.

1) How long will the auto car transport pickup and delivery process take?

Typically a coast to coast trip takes 10 to 14 days. Shorter trips can take 3 to 10 days depending on where exactly you want the vehicle dropped off.

2) If I’m not home during the delivery time, what happens to my car?

Typically, good auto shipping companies contact you 24 hours prior to the delivery date to ensure that you will be home. But if you’re not home, the car can be left on the truck or dropped off at a nearby lot, depending on your specifications.

3) Is there any insurance offered by truck transport companies?

It varies from company to company, but a goodtruck transport company will insure your vehicle for the Blue Book value the entire time it is being transported on the shipping truck. There are exceptions to coverage, so in order to be 100 percent sure of what is covered and what is not, read the Shipping Order and Bill of Lading thoroughly. In addition, a condition report is done upon pickup. The same report is handed over to you at the drop off. You should review the report and inspect your car to make sure there aren’t any damages that weren’t there before.

4) Can I store stuff in my vehicle?

This is another thing that depends on the auto transport company and their specific policy. Many allow you to leave personal items in the vehicle, but they are not covered under the insurance. Only the vehicle itself is covered and the auto transporting company isn’t responsible for any damages that may occur to your items.

5) If my car doesn’t run, is the fee the same?

For many auto shipping companies, an extra fee is usually tacked on the bill for inoperable vehicles. It’s important to be upfront about the car’s true condition when you sign up for auto car transport, as you could incur even more fees if you are dishonest or neglect to inform the company that the vehicle doesn’t start.

All in all, if you are selecting to use auto transporting, you are making the right choice. It helps to save money in the long run, in addition to saving time and energy by not having to make difficult cross-country drives.

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October 15, 2012

Are your Online Auto Shipping Rates Accurate?

Are you selecting around for the best auto shipping rates? On the Internet has become one the most essential and useful resources for finding everything throughout the world. Thus, finding the best online quotes for car transport is no more a stress. However, you need to be very careful when looking and dealing with company representatives. Many people depend on the internet for securing the best rates; though, the only issue is not the rates that you should be caring about. There are several other factors that need to be addressed. For example, you must look out for the features, added benefits and security provided by the companies. For example, a car shipping company that offers reasonable rates, but lacks substantial security will not be an effective one to depend on.

The first best way to know if the company is efficient to a get quotes online. You will have to fill the form online to receive an instant quote. This only takes a few minutes. When you receive the quote, study it carefully and compare it with the competitors’ quotes. Once you have ensured that the >car transport rates are reasonable, make a call to the company representative and arrange a meeting. The first task to do during the meeting is confirming the quotes sent to you by email. Many times, people are sent lower quotes to entice them with discount rates and when they actually ask for the payment quotation, they receive higher prices that are the original rates. These quotes include hidden costs and processing fees that in fact revamp the entire package.

Consult about the actual functions and solutions you would be provided, but significantly, get individual quotes for moving because you should know what the charges for each service are. Ask for any hidden costs, other associated expenses, etc. beforehand. Remember, always ask as many questions as you can before you sign the agreement because you will not be able to make amendments later at all. Ascertain the insurance cost as well and if the company incorporates insurance on its own, you should ask for the amount charged. This matters since these charges can be very high and you can utilize your own insurance in that case.

Also, there is no use preserving a few dollars here and there and handing over your car to an unprofessional company. Remember, accurate rates in no way mean getting cheap rates with poor-quality services. Accurate auto shipping rates mean the quotes should be reasonable and must complement the services provided.

October 5, 2012

How to Ship a Car in 5 Simple Steps

The number of people dealing cars on the internet is constantly on the each year. With this, the need for quality car shipping services has continued to climb. If you have recently bought or sold a car online and the it is important for you to know how to ship a car. Follow the five easy steps below to ensure that the vehicle arrives safe and on time fast delivery.

Step 1: Having a car shipped is identifying a date for the vehicle to be shipped. Based on how far the car needs to travel, this can take up to a week or longer. In addition, if there is bad weather or any other unforeseen incident occurs, this can also increase the time for shipping. Another concern to keep in mind is the season.

Step 2: Get the best quote once you have simplified down your list of companies that you trust, find out which one can offer you the lowest auto shipping rates. This will be based on a number of factors including: open or closed carrier, travel distance, time of year, size of car, etc. Also, be sure to check what type of insurance the service provides.

Step 3: After you have chosen on a date for your vehicle to be shipped, it is then time to analysis car shipping companies to find the right one for you and your situation. You will want to select a service that is known for being both honest and reliable. Check around online to find reviews and to see what other past customers have to say about the companies. Also, you should consider talking to friends and relatives who may have had a car shipped before to see who they would suggest.

Step 5: The only factor remaining to do after selecting an auto shipping service is to get ready your car to be shipped. Firstly, you will want to remove all personal belongings and valuables out of your vehicle. Next, clean the outside of your car and make notes and/or take pictures of any damages. Also, remove or secure any loose parts like antennas, fog lights, or flags. If your car has an alarm, make sure to turn it off. And, notify the car shipping company of any unique guidelines for starting your vehicle.

Step 6: Check your vehicle carefully for any damages that could have occurred during shipping.

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