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November 7, 2012

How do you Ship a Car to Another State

A person delivers cars to one state to another state for a wide range of reasons. Some people ship cars because they are moving from one home to another. Others ship temporarily for work agreements or university research. It may be that someone wants to take an extended vacation without the hassles of public transportation, but is only interested in putting miles on their car locally rather than through transporting from origin to destination. With all facts considered, shipping a car ends up being cheaper and more convenient than other options. Driving the car yourself is more tedious than if you were to hire an auto transport service. When you choose to drive your own car instead of letting auto movers do it, you not only add excessive amounts of mileage to your car, but you also put yourself at risk during a long drive.

Transport Cars isn’t risky to your own person, but interstate travel conducted by inexperienced drivers is. Are you familiar with the various interstates and side-roads you would have to take to get arriving your destination? Can you assurance the weather, road conditions, and other factors will provide 100% smooth sailing? Probably not. There’s a reason why drivers frequently employ the out-of-state drivers cliche; mostly due to their poor driving caused by a lack of familiarity with the local roads. In this situation, however, that out-of-state driver will be you!

How do you ship a Car

When driving your own car from one state to another, you also have to take into account accommodation expenses and delays caused by poor weather conditions, unforeseen traffic congestion, roadblocks, and an infinite number of other factors that may come up when taking a long road trip. Perhaps you, a family member, or other travelling companion will get sick or injured along the way. The costs of paying for out-of-state medical care and/or lodging could very well be double or triple the costs of hiring Shipping vehicle company. Even if the immediate costs are minimal, delays in reaching your destination could be far worse for people businessmen, consultants, and the like whose time is more valuable than gold.

Professional car transporters have considerably more interstate driving experience than the average consumer. With these things in mind, it makes perfect sense to leave your auto transport shipping needs in our hands. Not sure about the costs? Don’t worry, because getting an instant auto shipping quote is a breeze using our easy-to-use online calculator. Or give one of our car shipping experts a call to help you with all of your auto transport needs.

September 8, 2012

History of US Vehicle Shipping

It’s almost difficult to think about what the globe would be like without vehicles. Not only do the assist in travel; vehicles also have an enormous impact on business, our healthcare and urgent program and community in common. The first vapor operated vehicles were designed as lengthy ago as during the 1600′s by Ferdinand Verbiest. This automobile was not used to bring individuals but rather products. It wasn’t until 1885 that the first petrol operated automobile was actually designed. The capability of vehicles to actually transport passengers as well as goods definitely revolutionized travel and trade; the world hasn’t been the same since. It was Nikolaus Otto who developed the first gasoline powered engine; this is the engine that is generally available in most cars in the world. The diesel engine was named after its inventor; Rudolf Diesel. Diesel engines have a very high efficiency rate and are available with either two or four strokes.

Many United States like car shipping Los Angeles inventors worked on creating steam powered vehicles during the late 19th century. Many competitions were organized inventors presented their designs. Competitions were held where inventors displayed how fast their vehicles could travel. Panhard ET Levassor and Peugot were the first two companies to start automobile production for mass consumption in France. Peugot is still one of Europe’s most popular vehicle brands to this day. The Duryea Motor Wagon company was the first company in the U.S to start mass production on a large scale. The petroleum market was developed in response to the needs for fuel. Companies had to learn how to manufacture large quantities of gasoline due to the high demand. The automotive industry is still evolving and progressing. The 21st century has brought with it technology such as Bluetooth technology, pedestrian safety sensors and vehicle systems which can be controlled via voice command.

The automotive market is far from stagnating; it’s regularly creating and new technological discoveries are being made every day. Hybrid cars are also becoming immensely popular due to gas prices and environmental concerns. Auto makers are pushing the envelope when it comes to efficiency; many traditional cars are now averaging over 35 mpg. Ford is currently developing cars that will be able to communicate with one another and possibly avoid car accidents. We have also seen the advent of self-driving cars where the driver can actually sit back and relax while the car is able to maneuver itself in and out of traffic.

July 20, 2012

How to Protect Your Car during Auto Shipping

To keep secure of your car during transportation, you are not going on the ride with the transporter so you may not think you have control over what happens to your car, but you do. There are a few simple actions you can take to make sure your car arrives the way you sent it.

  1. Confirm the Company! First thing to do is make sure the company you are researching has a physical address. This is the most essential because if you have an issue you know where to find them. If they do not list an address you have very little information to be able to contact them in the event of a dispute. Find out how many years they have been in business. This is a very good indicator of their reputation. Another thing to check is if they are in the Chamber of commerce in their region. This will insure that they are a valued business in their community. If you verify all this information you will greatly reduce your chance of fraud.
  2. The second most important thing to do is make sure your auto carrier is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. You may think that all transporters are insured, but some aren’t. The best thing to do is ask and make sure they are Insured.
  3. Do not keep any valuable things in the car. Make sure you clean out anything that cannot easily be changed. You also may assume that since they are insured your things are safe, but most insurance does not protect products items other than the car. The auto transporter is highly unlikely to steal anything from your vehicle. They have a reputation to protect so they do not want to damage it. You may not realize this, but transporters do not drive straight to YOUR destination. They do take detours to pickup/drop off other vehicles. Ship a car from Florida to California they may stop off in Texas, Louisiana, and even Nevada. Even in between those stops they do have to stop at gas stations and sometimes hotels during the trip.
  4. If you want to be ultra safe you can ask for an enclosed auto transport type. A closed type carrier will protect the car from thieves, vandals, and the weather. With this protection comes a cost. It may be $100-$500 more for a closed carrier so if you think it is worth it, ask your auto transport broker if they can give you that option.
  5.  When the car carrier comes and picks up the car you may want to get his name, license plate number, his Motor Carrier Number or MC#, and his number. Best to know as much about him as you can, since you are giving him your prized car for a few days. Below is a link to some companies I have used or had friends use in the past. They all use licensed, bonded, and insured carriers. They all can get you closed carriers if you would like.

July 10, 2012

Vehicle Services Offered by Auto Transport Companies

Moving your vehicle from one place to another is a tedious task. The auto transport companies offer a wide array of services, and how you utilize these services determined by your persistence stage and the on the emergency of the requirement of your service of transporting the vehicle to be transported or shipped. It also depends on your budget or the amount you are willing to pay to get your vehicle to be transported and also on your requirement as to where you want your vehicle to be transported or delivered and place from where you want your vehicle to be taken whether you are going to deliver the vehicle to the port or you want the vehicle to be taken from your residence place.

Auto Transport company

The most common kinds of service which are offered to you while delivering your vehicle from the source to the destination are terminal to terminal services and the door to door services. The difference which can be plotted between the two services could be the price and the convenience which is offered in door to door rather that the terminal to terminal service. The terminal to terminal service which is offered by most of the auto transport companies at a discounted price. A terminal is a place usually located in a metropolitan area which is mostly used for storage purpose. Vehicles which are being transported to and from a terminal provide a better a scope for the auto transport companies to deliver or collect the vehicles to the same area.

This kind of terminal to terminal service is beneficial to people who need the delivery of their vehicle on a particular time and on a specific date. In a terminal a vehicle can be kept until the owner of the vehicle or a representative of the vehicle collects the vehicle. It is quite obvious that as the vehicle is reached to the terminal the owner as well as the representative of the vehicle would be brought to the notice about the arrival of the vehicle. So in choosing the best option of the services which are offered by the auto transport companies, what you need to consider is your budget and the time of the requirement of transporting your vehicle whether you require it on a particular date or time, or any time and date would be convenient.

June 22, 2012

Profit from Car Transport Reviews

If a person wants to send his car from one place to another they need for an efficient car transporters, so a car transport review may help you in the process. These transport reviews are written by actual consumers from the company you intend to do business with. There are many different vehicle transport reviews to help you get an idea of what different businesses have to provide. These styles of review sites are reliable as well because they give you the opportunity to obtain unbiased opinions which may in return lead you into a nice list of prospects. Many people like to invest time for reading these reviews so that they have the chance of locating the perfect car transport rating.

Make sure that you are collecting details from car transport reviews and not individuals distributors whose information is normally incredibly one-sided. You should only take guidance from someone who has actually had a business relationship with the company you intend to ship any car with. This will certainly make the buying decision and process a little smoother and save you the time of calling these companies one by one. It is fairly sure that you can agree that no one likes to pay money for a product or service that does not produce desirable results.

There are a few aspects that you should summarize before getting auto transport providers. Have you taken the time to research what type of auto transport is better for your car? If you’re moving the car, you should believe that the truck has a vital role. You must also talk about the terms and conditions of the contract with company. Many people prefer written contracts instead of verbal contracts. This helps to make sure that no one forgets about the agreement and makes sure that the agreement is legally binding. Discover out if the car transporters charge any hidden fees that you need to avoid in the future. Also figure out if the car transport company offers any type of money back guarantee for your contract. Ensure that you are fully insured at the time of the relocation of the vehicle.

May 29, 2012

High End Services for Your Regional Shift

Now a day’s there is lot of efficient auto moving companies in United States. They would provide excellent services and make sure that they take you through the shift specific. They would make sure your shift is simple and that there would be no pressure at all. They provide a whole range of solutions and would take care of all your needs if you were going in the area, making a US states nationwide auto shipping calls shift and even a worldwide shift. Vehicle moving would even help you with office movers. They also provide fantastic solutions for Auto Transportation.

Getting determined into your new vehicle can be quite a throbbing headache if you don’t have the right individuals to help you. You need to implement regional movers help you with the shift. To select the best company its best you get a few recommendations. Most companies provide excellent solutions at a cost-effective amount because there are so many competitors. But this doesn’t mean they won’t make that additional money if they can. But you can be relaxed confident that movers would offer excellent solutions. They create regional going very simple by offering different solutions according to your needs.

They have a few options to select from, they are the standard assistance, and the moving and full load up moving and going with a customized load up assistance. If self packing is your strength then these companies would provide packing material and boxes straight to your door. They have trained professional to haul your vehicles including heavy equipments, Motorcycles, Truck. Most of these companies are all insured so you could be assured that you be compensated for any damages. They use two of the best wraps in the industry, these are the blankets wrap and shrink wrap. They would also deliver a list of qualified professionals to take apart and reassemble your vehicles. They would have a preparation for all you’re going needs. We’ll help you out so your switch is as simple as possible.

We at BKK haul your vehicles including heavy equipments, Motorcycles, Truck and Cars. You can contact Tel: (888) 666-2202 or e-mail Info@bkktransport.com. Fill our free instant auto transport Quotes.

BKK auto transport quote

April 24, 2012

Tips for Auto Transport California

When you want to car shipping in California or car shipping from California, transport a vehicle that you bought, to your home, shipping that vehicle or vehicles always needs a little preparing. Perhaps you’d like to send your vehicle via door to door transportation, and an enclosed or open trailer, or perhaps you have a piece of heavy equipment to transport. Whatever company you choose, getting a professionally staffed company, and competitive prices, will garner you a worry-free transport process.

Auto transport california

If you are an auto or other vehicle dealer, then you’ll be looking for a fantastic rate and a company who can offer you with excellent transportation services to and from all fifty states, plus D.C. Check around and get a quote, whether you are a dealer or an individual, and see what references the company may be able to provide. Then you can make a sound decision based on a proven customer service track record, plus a good rate as well. An experienced auto transport company can carry and ship boats, cars of any size, as well as heavy equipment, RVs, motorcycles, trucks and non-running vehicles perhaps that gorgeous classic VW van you found in a garage far, far away from California.

Shipping your vehicle a long distance by yourself can be very expensive. You have to rest somewhere. And you need to avoid road hazards along the way. There are gas, lodging, weather conditions and food expenses to consider carefully. Everything adds up. Using a pro car shipping company lets you avoid all of these costs and possible pratfalls. Make sure that there aren’t any hidden fees, and that you have talked to a company rep about where, when and what you want to ship, and then be assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Bkk transport & Brokerage offers shipping services for heavy equipment and vehicles, including Crane/Forklifts and auto shipping services for motorcycle, car, and truck, Car shipping from California, Florida and New Jersey. To know more, visit bkktransport.com or call (888) 666-2202.

March 23, 2012

Motorcycle Shipping differs from car Shipping?

Motorcycle shipping is special from car shipping, few main differences between car shipping and motorcycle shipping. While a car has an efficient handbrake and four wheels for additional balance a motorcycle is quite different by style and has only two wheels with nothing to keep the bike stationery apart from the position. You might think that motorcycle shipping would be less expensive than car shipping because of the change in dimension of vehicles but this is hardly ever the situation. The closed providers that are often used should be specifically developed to bring motorcycles and this will mean that there will either be combinations specifically developed for the objective of motorcycle shipping or there will be specially fitted tracks that serve the same purpose. What this implies is that a motorcycle generally requires up the same area as a car when it needs to be shipped anywhere.

Motorcycle shipping costly is based mostly on two primary aspects. How far you are traveling and what services the company you intend to use has to offer. There are a wide range of different solutions that a delivery organization can provide you and you would be better using a professional motorcycle shipper than a car shipper that provides motorcycle shipping as an extra service. The further you are visiting and the more solutions you need the greater the cost is likely to be, but you will obtain a lower cost from the right organization if you are moving more than one bike so do store around and examine any quotations you obtain properly.

Motorcycle Shipping differs from car Shipping

Safe & Secure shipping: A reliable professional motorcycle shipping company will know exactly what they are doing with your motorcycle. Many organizations implement motorbike fanatics and entrepreneurs to generate the providers so you can be sure that the car owner knows how much your motorbike method for you. This isn’t to say there isn’t the temporary accident; it’s only to be predicted when moving automobiles across international calls. A good shipping company will include some insurance with your quote and will try their utmost to ensure that nothing does go wrong. While the Insurance will cover you for scratches and careless damage by the shipping company it is unlikely to cover for ‘acts of god’ like the ship sinking or damage due to rough waters. If you’re especially concerned about this, either because of the season, the predicted climate or basically because you are moving your satisfaction and joy you can buy additional Insurance that protects for essentially any situation and your shipping company should be able to provide you a little guidance on the appropriate plans.

Bkk transport & Brokerage is one among the highly experienced, safe and professional car shipping companies. At present we provide shipping services for motorcycle, truck, heavy equipment and car shipping in California, Florida and New Jersey.

March 14, 2012

An Insight into Car Shipping Services

Car Shipping may seem like a huge process, but if you know what to do beforehand, you should be able to take it off rather quickly. With car transport, one of the significant issues you have to cope with is planning the car before it’s shipped. First, you must clean the car well, even if it’s going to be shipped on an open trailer. This will help you to recognize any chips, marks, or damage that happens in path, if it happens. The next guideline of car shipping is to take all individual products out of the vehicle. You don’t want to depart anything behind while the car is visiting its getaway.

Details are important with car shipping services. It’s also a good idea to write down any damage that your vehicle already has, if any, before auto shipping. This is so you have a record of the condition of the vehicle prior to auto shipping. You can even take pictures if it makes you feel better about the process. So what are the different ways you can go about car shipping? The first option is an open trailer. This type of auto transport is uncovered and is the most popular option due to the price. This is the inexpensive way to go about car transport, so if you want to save money, this is the choice for you. Keep in mind that your car will be open to the elements with this type of auto transport.

BKK Car shipping services

Your second option is a closed trailer that consists of a covered freight area. People shipping expensive cars or a classic car tend to use this type of car shipping, for obvious reasons. Another reason to use this type of car transport is to protect your vehicle if you will be shipping it through dry areas. This means your car will be safe from wind, sand, and heat. Of course, covered auto shipping is more expensive. The cost of auto transport essentially depends on the distance the car will travel, as well as how busy that particular route is.

Before selecting an auto shipping company, ask a lot of questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the driver ahead of time. Talk about price so that it’s clear what you will be paying from the start. A car transport service, when shipping a car, should be clear on price. Shipping a car is a big investment for you, so it pays to be informed. Vehicle shipping and car transportation companies that have credibility in the industry and a good reputation are the best choices to make. Auto shippers that have a bad name should be avoided because vehicle shipping is not a game – you can’t afford to damage your car due to negligent auto shippers. Shop around until you find the best company for you.

Bkk transport & Brokerage is one among the highly experienced and professional car shipping companies. At present we provide car shipping services to California, Florida and New Jersey.

February 28, 2012

An Optimal way to Ship Your Car

You have to choose wisely when it comes to shipping your car. You need a professional shipping company that is highly experienced to take full responsibility for your car. Cars are personal properties for most people and they take time to get used to it. Understand that a repaired or a replaced car is never the same as the one you used to own before. You simply cannot afford to take that risk. Besides some of the auto transport companies do not take full responsibility for your car and you might have to take care of the service cost if in case the car gets damaged during transportation. It is only wiser to avail a company that is highly experienced in auto transport industry and pay a little extra for their services than spending more out of your own pockets in the name of maintenance or service costs. Besides as mentioned earlier, the performance of your car wouldn’t be the same as what it used to be before it got damaged. So it is highly mandatory to opt for a company that is highly reputed and greatly experienced in provided efficient auto shipping services such as Bkktransport Company.

shipping cars

shipping cars – bkktransport

Every Auto shipping company provides a wide range of services. They provide different kinds of transporting facilities. It is always safer to opt for enclosed carriers than open top carriers for your auto transport as enclosed carriers ensures maximum safety for your car. This kind of services is usually more expensive than other services provided, but then again, every penny you invest upon it would be worthwhile. Open top carriers provides services at a very nominal and affordable rate. However, no one can assure that your car would be delivered without any issues considering the amount of cars loaded and unloaded during the transportation and all the cars are typically closely fastened together. Of course, you can opt for private care carriers which are by far the most expensive ones of all the different types of auto transport services provided, but it is really reliable. Remember never to compromise over quality of services for cheap price at any given day, especially while you are choosing an optimal auto transport company. An optimal way to ship your car is to opt for a professional auto shipping company that guarantees efficient services and takes full responsibility for your car.

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