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April 27, 2012

Overview of BKK Auto Transport Services

BKK’s auto transport services are truly versatile and comprehensive by all means. They take full responsibility for the safety of your car during transportation process and they are a highly customer oriented organization. They strive hard to provide efficient services by meeting all of your requirements in the best possible manner. You are certainly bound to find beat deals for your auto transport needs at BKK.

BKK ensures highest quality of services in the most professional manner. All details regarding the transportation are estimated at the earliest and given to their customers. BKK places a special emphasis upon punctuality which stands as a testimony to their professionalism. Details regarding pickup, transport and delivery are scheduled and presented to you before the actual moving day. The transportation depends upon the carrier’s schedule and BKK has presented approximate time frames to help you get an idea about when your vehicle is likely to be delivered. And as per such stipulated time frames for east coast to west coast, it roughly takes about 2 weeks while Midwest to east coast takes about 5 to 8 days and south to north takes about 5 to 8 days as well.

BKK is highly professional in devising a comprehensive plan for the transportation. The associated personal with respect to the carrier will call roughly between 3 to 24 hours before the actual pickup. On the pickup day, the driver will make sure to check your vehicle and present all the necessary documents for you or your substitute to sign those documents. Similarly, the same driver or authority will call you 3 to 24 hours before the actual delivery date, inspects the vehicle upon delivery and give you necessary documents for you to sign.

Shipment charges for the vehicle depends upon the vehicle size, type, make, model etc that a carrier can legally carry. All these charges and quotes are predefined. The variation of the charges depends upon seasonal changes of transportation prices and also upon pickup and delivery destinations and the distance of the entire transportation.

BKK is a highly experienced vehicle transport company that has started providing car shipping services across all US States. They provide NATIONWIDE services at present. So what are you waiting for? Call us today at (888) 666-2202!!!

April 24, 2012

Tips for Auto Transport California

When you want to car shipping in California or car shipping from California, transport a vehicle that you bought, to your home, shipping that vehicle or vehicles always needs a little preparing. Perhaps you’d like to send your vehicle via door to door transportation, and an enclosed or open trailer, or perhaps you have a piece of heavy equipment to transport. Whatever company you choose, getting a professionally staffed company, and competitive prices, will garner you a worry-free transport process.

Auto transport california

If you are an auto or other vehicle dealer, then you’ll be looking for a fantastic rate and a company who can offer you with excellent transportation services to and from all fifty states, plus D.C. Check around and get a quote, whether you are a dealer or an individual, and see what references the company may be able to provide. Then you can make a sound decision based on a proven customer service track record, plus a good rate as well. An experienced auto transport company can carry and ship boats, cars of any size, as well as heavy equipment, RVs, motorcycles, trucks and non-running vehicles perhaps that gorgeous classic VW van you found in a garage far, far away from California.

Shipping your vehicle a long distance by yourself can be very expensive. You have to rest somewhere. And you need to avoid road hazards along the way. There are gas, lodging, weather conditions and food expenses to consider carefully. Everything adds up. Using a pro car shipping company lets you avoid all of these costs and possible pratfalls. Make sure that there aren’t any hidden fees, and that you have talked to a company rep about where, when and what you want to ship, and then be assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Bkk transport & Brokerage offers shipping services for heavy equipment and vehicles, including Crane/Forklifts and auto shipping services for motorcycle, car, and truck, Car shipping from California, Florida and New Jersey. To know more, visit bkktransport.com or call (888) 666-2202.

April 17, 2012

Planning For Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Shipping

Relocating from one city or state to another is never an easy task. In fact, it is one among the most tedious tasks that involves delivering furniture’s and properties safely, transporting fragile items with appropriate safety measures and at most care and last but not the least, vehicle shipping. Heavy equipment shipping is all the more traumatic and tedious that adds a lot of overhead. Most of these heavy equipments are highly expensive, that one person simply could not afford. Mostly organizations and companies invest on these equipments for their functioning. In some cases, government boards may also be involved. For example, tanks and missile launching pads are used by country’s defense department and they need their equipments to be safely transported to the destined location with at most care and responsibility. Similarly a development company that needs to shift heavy equipment like forklifts, backhoes and cranes may have to do a lot of work prior to shipping the equipment in order to ensure its safety. Moving the company heavy equipments do not have to involve a lot of stress which is very predominant when you take the burden on your shoulders, and especially when you lack the expertise to perform such a task. There are certain steps that you can take to facilitate a hassle-free vehicle transport.

Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Shipping

Call a professional shipping companywell in progress to avail their services. And early bookings ensure availability. This also guarantees that your utility automobile or truck is picked up and delivered promptly. Have your truck examined prior to shipping. This allows you know the exact situation of the transport equipment and the condition you should expect it in when it reaches its destination. Cleaning your vehicle allows for more efficient, more precise examination. As part of your business resources, your vehicles need insurance against damage and loss. Shipping companies provide insurance for the automobiles they transport. Check your options and decide if you need to get extra insurance coverage. Opt for a door-to-door delivery service that picks up your automobile right at your location or at the nearest possible area where you can watch the pick-up. This way, you can supervise the running process and be confident that your automobile is managed properly.

Planning in advance when you move your heavy vehicle can provide you with a comfortable and a stress-free auto transport experience.

Bkk transport & Brokerage offers shipping services for heavy equipment and vehicles, including Crane/Forklifts and auto shipping services for motorcycle, car, and truck, Heavy equipment shipping from California, Florida and New Jersey. To know more, visit bkktransport.com or call (888) 666-2202.

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