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October 30, 2013

Heavy equipment shipping – Things to be known

Heavy equipment transport is one of the daunting tasks that involve handling complexities. Unlike any other vehicles, even heavy equipments demand transportation due to several reasons.

Even the slightest error or damage could cause a substantial risk, damage, downtime and lost opportunity for your business. Hence it is essential a qualified auto-hauling company specializing in heavy equipment transport is hired for your shipping purposes.

Be it a backhoe, crane, excavator, bobcat, dump truck, skid steer, crusher, or forklift, our team of qualified experts can price it accurately and get your freight to the construction site or back to your yard.

There are quite a few factors that are taken into consideration while determining the cost of heavy equipment hauling and it includes:

•    Speed of transit
•    Additional escorts if any
•    Number of drivers needed
•    Size and weight of the equipment
•    Trailer type
•    Distance of transit
•    Extra services needed such as tarps, fasteners, strapping, etc.

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