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September 25, 2013

Auto shipping Quotes – The major factors that make it expensive

While shipping your automobile, Auto transport quotes plays a vital role irrespective of the destination. Pricing factor, having become a major concern there are quite a few factors that determines the cost of it. Following are some of them explained briefly:

  •  Model and type of the automobile
  •   Distance
  •   Delivery date
  •   Insurance
  •   Size of the vehicle
  •   Auto transport mode
  •   Fuel cost

Model and type of the automobile is one of the foremost factors, if it’s a vintage car or a contemporary car that is very costly then it may require special care than the ordinary ones.

Distance is one of the major factors that crops up while deciding on the auto shipping rate. Farther the distance, higher the shipping cost!

Sometimes, depending on the season transportation price will be fixed; delivery date is yet another factor. This is because; car hauling in winter season is more expensive as compared to summer seasons. Insurance also adds.

Size and weight of the vehicle is a standard factor that determines the rate of shipping a car. When you want to ship heavy equipments then it may cost more.

Transport mode- there is two types of transporting techniques, open and enclosed mode so based on the preference, you may be charged.

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