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March 10, 2015

Who Benefits From Professional Auto Transport?



Florida Auto Transport

When exotic car owners need a car transported, owners typically don’t trust just anyone. Everyone from private dealers, to exporters, to auction owners needs cars delivered on time, safely, and securely. When driving your car across the country simply isn’t an option, you need to call in help from the experts. You need to be able to trust that your investment is being handled with care, and that the company you rely on is up to the task.

Instant Car Shipping Rates

At BKK Transport, delivering vehicles safely and securely is what we are all about. We can handle everything, including all types of vehicles, light and heavy equipment, motorcycles, and more. We transport vehicles all across the nation, with trips from coast to coast, north to south, and everywhere in between. Check out our website for more information, including local same day delivery for certain states! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have: (866) 666-2202.

February 17, 2015

Delays Shipping Cars, Heavy Equipments During Winter Season

Shortage and Limited Auto Transporters ,Heavy Equipment Haulers ,Transporters in Most Northern States Shipments because of bad wheather conditions causing many delays

January 9, 2013

Tips for Auto Transport Shipping Vehicle Overseas

People, who are considering their vehicles from US to overseas, need to acquire the solutions of an international auto shipper for importing their vehicle to the desired address, There are number of international auto shippers in the US auto vehicle transport industry claiming to have the best expertise and machinery for transporting vehicles internationally but you cannot hand over your vehicle by hiring a company randomly. Moving a vehicle overseas requires you to consider important things to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Legitimacy of the Auto shipping company

When looking for international auto shipping, the primary thing to be careful of is the use of unprofessional and non-licensed companies. Some companies in the auto transport industry are taking advantage of the ignorant clients. To avoid fake and inexperienced auto transport companies, you should verify a company’s legitimacy prior to signing a contract. If you are hiring an auto shipper for transporting your vehicle internationally, you must confirm its legitimacy from the following federal agencies:

1. Transportation Division: The US Department of Transport permits the domestic and international transportation companies in US. You must contact the DOT in order to verify the DOT registration of the auto shipper. It will allow you to know the authenticity of the company.

2. Federal Maritime Commission: The Federal Maritime Commission regulates the ocean transportation in US. You must verify the auto shipper with FMC and make sure it comes in the record of well-known system of auto transporters.

For auto transport shipping, you will need to provide the following information to the auto shipper:

1. Model of the vehicle
2. VIN, plate, and license number
3. The measurement of vehicle (length, width, height)
4. Name, email address, phone number in the US and overseas
5. Custom regulation documents.

December 26, 2012

How Do You Ship a Car through Online?

Many factors are regularly being marketed across the internet. More advanced sellers have learned that they can offer auto transport shipping gain a competitive advantage. The sellers that offer shipping are doing so because they have discovered the benefits of an auto transport company. These companies heavy haul all over America every day. Dealerships are the ones that most typically have used auto transport companies in the past. However, the transport companies have opened things up in order to find a solution to sending half empty trucks out onto the road each day. While the idea to do this was great, they found that people simply were not as familiar as they needed to be with them in order to use them. For individual sellers it is a bit daunting to find and connect with auto transport companies.

BKK new picture

The job of trying to organize pick up with the right company for the right place at the right time for the right cost is more than most sellers wanted to deal with. There are companies out there who have done a great job at gathering all of the info for these sellers and making it easier for them to connect with the transport companies. These businesses can make it a lot easier for sellers to connect with the transport companies and likewise make it easier for the transport companies to fill their trucks up, making it a much more efficient industry. There is still some work for sellers to get this done, but not nearly as much as before. Auto transport services began as way for dealerships to transport cars back and forth to sell more cars. However, the dealerships would rarely fill up the transport trucks before they needed them to make the delivery.

The heavy equipment shipping pickups required to bring more automobiles to create each journey beneficial and more effective. Once they opened their doors to the public and found a way to connect with them they found that their trucks were full more often. This made it possible for them to make more money while charging less per vehicle to ship. Besides the online seller, many people have found transport companies to be helpful in shipping their cars to their new home. When a family has multiple cars to move from an old house to a new house that is a significant distance away, it becomes more practical to ship the extra vehicles and save money on the gas costs that it would take to drive each vehicle there. No matter whether you use an auto transport company to ship a vehicle that you sold or to ship your vehicle to a new home you will find that it is a great solution to a difficult issue. If you want to get started in finding a company that can hook you up with the auto transport companies, search online on the phrase shipping vehicle.

October 5, 2012

How to Ship a Car in 5 Simple Steps

The number of people dealing cars on the internet is constantly on the each year. With this, the need for quality car shipping services has continued to climb. If you have recently bought or sold a car online and the it is important for you to know how to ship a car. Follow the five easy steps below to ensure that the vehicle arrives safe and on time fast delivery.

Step 1: Having a car shipped is identifying a date for the vehicle to be shipped. Based on how far the car needs to travel, this can take up to a week or longer. In addition, if there is bad weather or any other unforeseen incident occurs, this can also increase the time for shipping. Another concern to keep in mind is the season.

Step 2: Get the best quote once you have simplified down your list of companies that you trust, find out which one can offer you the lowest auto shipping rates. This will be based on a number of factors including: open or closed carrier, travel distance, time of year, size of car, etc. Also, be sure to check what type of insurance the service provides.

Step 3: After you have chosen on a date for your vehicle to be shipped, it is then time to analysis car shipping companies to find the right one for you and your situation. You will want to select a service that is known for being both honest and reliable. Check around online to find reviews and to see what other past customers have to say about the companies. Also, you should consider talking to friends and relatives who may have had a car shipped before to see who they would suggest.

Step 5: The only factor remaining to do after selecting an auto shipping service is to get ready your car to be shipped. Firstly, you will want to remove all personal belongings and valuables out of your vehicle. Next, clean the outside of your car and make notes and/or take pictures of any damages. Also, remove or secure any loose parts like antennas, fog lights, or flags. If your car has an alarm, make sure to turn it off. And, notify the car shipping company of any unique guidelines for starting your vehicle.

Step 6: Check your vehicle carefully for any damages that could have occurred during shipping.

July 10, 2012

Vehicle Services Offered by Auto Transport Companies

Moving your vehicle from one place to another is a tedious task. The auto transport companies offer a wide array of services, and how you utilize these services determined by your persistence stage and the on the emergency of the requirement of your service of transporting the vehicle to be transported or shipped. It also depends on your budget or the amount you are willing to pay to get your vehicle to be transported and also on your requirement as to where you want your vehicle to be transported or delivered and place from where you want your vehicle to be taken whether you are going to deliver the vehicle to the port or you want the vehicle to be taken from your residence place.

Auto Transport company

The most common kinds of service which are offered to you while delivering your vehicle from the source to the destination are terminal to terminal services and the door to door services. The difference which can be plotted between the two services could be the price and the convenience which is offered in door to door rather that the terminal to terminal service. The terminal to terminal service which is offered by most of the auto transport companies at a discounted price. A terminal is a place usually located in a metropolitan area which is mostly used for storage purpose. Vehicles which are being transported to and from a terminal provide a better a scope for the auto transport companies to deliver or collect the vehicles to the same area.

This kind of terminal to terminal service is beneficial to people who need the delivery of their vehicle on a particular time and on a specific date. In a terminal a vehicle can be kept until the owner of the vehicle or a representative of the vehicle collects the vehicle. It is quite obvious that as the vehicle is reached to the terminal the owner as well as the representative of the vehicle would be brought to the notice about the arrival of the vehicle. So in choosing the best option of the services which are offered by the auto transport companies, what you need to consider is your budget and the time of the requirement of transporting your vehicle whether you require it on a particular date or time, or any time and date would be convenient.

April 27, 2012

Overview of BKK Auto Transport Services

BKK’s auto transport services are truly versatile and comprehensive by all means. They take full responsibility for the safety of your car during transportation process and they are a highly customer oriented organization. They strive hard to provide efficient services by meeting all of your requirements in the best possible manner. You are certainly bound to find beat deals for your auto transport needs at BKK.

BKK ensures highest quality of services in the most professional manner. All details regarding the transportation are estimated at the earliest and given to their customers. BKK places a special emphasis upon punctuality which stands as a testimony to their professionalism. Details regarding pickup, transport and delivery are scheduled and presented to you before the actual moving day. The transportation depends upon the carrier’s schedule and BKK has presented approximate time frames to help you get an idea about when your vehicle is likely to be delivered. And as per such stipulated time frames for east coast to west coast, it roughly takes about 2 weeks while Midwest to east coast takes about 5 to 8 days and south to north takes about 5 to 8 days as well.

BKK is highly professional in devising a comprehensive plan for the transportation. The associated personal with respect to the carrier will call roughly between 3 to 24 hours before the actual pickup. On the pickup day, the driver will make sure to check your vehicle and present all the necessary documents for you or your substitute to sign those documents. Similarly, the same driver or authority will call you 3 to 24 hours before the actual delivery date, inspects the vehicle upon delivery and give you necessary documents for you to sign.

Shipment charges for the vehicle depends upon the vehicle size, type, make, model etc that a carrier can legally carry. All these charges and quotes are predefined. The variation of the charges depends upon seasonal changes of transportation prices and also upon pickup and delivery destinations and the distance of the entire transportation.

BKK is a highly experienced vehicle transport company that has started providing car shipping services across all US States. They provide NATIONWIDE services at present. So what are you waiting for? Call us today at (888) 666-2202!!!

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