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March 10, 2015

Who Benefits From Professional Auto Transport?



Florida Auto Transport

When exotic car owners need a car transported, owners typically don’t trust just anyone. Everyone from private dealers, to exporters, to auction owners needs cars delivered on time, safely, and securely. When driving your car across the country simply isn’t an option, you need to call in help from the experts. You need to be able to trust that your investment is being handled with care, and that the company you rely on is up to the task.

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At BKK Transport, delivering vehicles safely and securely is what we are all about. We can handle everything, including all types of vehicles, light and heavy equipment, motorcycles, and more. We transport vehicles all across the nation, with trips from coast to coast, north to south, and everywhere in between. Check out our website for more information, including local same day delivery for certain states! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have: (866) 666-2202.

June 20, 2013

Benefits of Auto Transport Companies in Florida

Florida auto transportation is not an easy task unless and until you choose the right car shipping company. Once you have identified the right company then there are several benefits that you get to enjoy. Driving the roads of America is fun but driving across the country when you are moving to a new city can cause distress. There are several things that you will be in need of when you are planning to drive yourself, predominantly time and money fuel and motel expenses. With that said, driving all the way from your place can be a difficult task. Hence, letting a Florida auto transport company to move your car will help you save a lot.

Florida Auto Transport

Primarily there are some benefits that one can enjoy with Florida car transport shipping companies and it is they help you save money, save time, makes it travel the way you want ultimately decreasing your stress related to auto shipping. In addition to the aforementioned benefits consumers and auto manufacturing leaders alike benefit from the lowest Florida auto transport rates and the maximum level of trust and dependability. You also get free Quotes on Florida Auto Transport. Receive a Free Instant Auto Transport Quote by using the Free Form i.e. the shipping calculator.

Bkktransport.com provides Florida auto transport service that fits customers all over the US Nation country, even California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Texas. Our drivers perform car transport services available both open and closed, with door-to-door delivery.

March 8, 2013

Choosing the Best Car Transport in Florida

When thinking about car transport in Florida, many drivers are confused by all the different companies and choices they have to choose from. This is an especially difficult decision to make when you’re dealing with all of the stress of a cross-country move, choosing an auto vehicle transport company doesn’t have to be difficult. For choosing an auto transport company, take a list of everything that you expect from an auto transporter, from price to service to locations covered.

The Steps to narrow down your list and choose the best car transport company for your car:

  1. First, create sure to ask each of the companies you are considering for their auto car transport quotes. Even if you think two companies offer similar solutions, a difference in price can often help you make your decision. Auto shipping companies regularly have tools to generate quotes automatically right on their websites. If not, they will certainly provide quotes over the phone.
  2. Next, decide where each of the car transport services picks up and delivers. Some companies serve to all 50 states in US, while others might restrict themselves to only certain areas of the country, like Florida auto transport.
  3. Once you discover few of companies that attention you, also need to take a look at the different types of cars each service is prepared to deal. Some of them are not able to transport their luxury or exotic cars, for example, because they lack enclosed car trailers. Of course, if you are not looking to ship a luxury car then this won’t be a concern for you probably.
  4. Last, make sure you comprehend exactly what type of delivery service each company provides. Some companies offer door-to-door service, where they pick up your car in front of your house and deliver it directly to your new house. Some companies will only drop off your car in a parking lot or other nearby location. This can be difficult after a move, especially if you don’t know your new area very well.

After considering about all of this, it’s important to consider service top quality. The best auto shipping rates and more accommodating policies in the world are nothing if the business behind them is not reliable or trustworthy. To determine the quality of an auto transporting company, try looking online for customer reviews on the businesses that you are considering. In the end, you need to make sure you’re hiring the best auto car transport company for your car, based on your specific circumstance and needs.

January 17, 2013

Tips to Prepare your Vehicle for Florida Auto Transportation

Apart from the documentation, you will need to prepare your Shipping vehicle for move.

Florida transportation map

Following the points to prepare your vehicle for move:

1. Make sure the vehicle is in perfect running conditions. Most of the auto shipping companies refuse to ship an out of order vehicle.

2. Do not leave your important belongings and vehicle documents in the car because the companies only take responsibility of shipping the vehicle safely.

3. Make sure the fuel in the vehicle is no more than 1/4th of the tank.

4. Before you handover the vehicle to auto shipper, make sure you have the signed copies of car shipping contract, marine shipping insurance, vehicle condition statement, and bill of lading.

These are the most important points that you should never avoid while transporting to/from car shipping Florida. Make sure you organize your vehicle shipping process well in order to have a hassle free experience.

January 9, 2013

Tips for Auto Transport Shipping Vehicle Overseas

People, who are considering their vehicles from US to overseas, need to acquire the solutions of an international auto shipper for importing their vehicle to the desired address, There are number of international auto shippers in the US auto vehicle transport industry claiming to have the best expertise and machinery for transporting vehicles internationally but you cannot hand over your vehicle by hiring a company randomly. Moving a vehicle overseas requires you to consider important things to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Legitimacy of the Auto shipping company

When looking for international auto shipping, the primary thing to be careful of is the use of unprofessional and non-licensed companies. Some companies in the auto transport industry are taking advantage of the ignorant clients. To avoid fake and inexperienced auto transport companies, you should verify a company’s legitimacy prior to signing a contract. If you are hiring an auto shipper for transporting your vehicle internationally, you must confirm its legitimacy from the following federal agencies:

1. Transportation Division: The US Department of Transport permits the domestic and international transportation companies in US. You must contact the DOT in order to verify the DOT registration of the auto shipper. It will allow you to know the authenticity of the company.

2. Federal Maritime Commission: The Federal Maritime Commission regulates the ocean transportation in US. You must verify the auto shipper with FMC and make sure it comes in the record of well-known system of auto transporters.

For auto transport shipping, you will need to provide the following information to the auto shipper:

1. Model of the vehicle
2. VIN, plate, and license number
3. The measurement of vehicle (length, width, height)
4. Name, email address, phone number in the US and overseas
5. Custom regulation documents.

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