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July 27, 2012

Selecting the Best Car Shipping Calculator

The internet is the best resource for your needed information with regards to auto transport and the car shipping rate estimator. When choosing the right company to engage in transporting vehicles, whether the customer be individuals or corporations, it is important to consider some problems that will help in identifying the company offering car shipment services is the right one for the job or not. The main consideration of course will always be the nature of the job as well as the importance of the vehicle to be transported and the capability of the auto transport company to do the job will be the focus of the search for the perfect car shipping entity.

Best Car Shipping Calculator

The Rate

This is almost the concern and rightly so because most companies offer identical services so the car shipping rates that they offer will eventually weigh effectively on the decision to be made by the customer. Many online car transporting companies offer the free use of a shipping calculator for the customers to compute the shipping rate applicable to a particular car to be transported and they are usually the ones who are confident that they offer the most competitive price as compared to others in the same line of business.

Company Size and Expertise

There are new companies providing this service and there are also those older and therefore seasoned auto transport companies. For more stability, many customers choose the company that has been around for sometime as they carry the badge of expertise and reliability in most instances. But there is nothing preventing customers to also try out the services of new industry players as they are envisioned to be more dynamic and customer-centered in most cases. Also, the new entrants to the business usually offer competitive car shipping rates and this they do in order to entice customers to try their service.

The Area of Coverage

This is another essential concern in deciding the right car transport company. Big companies can handle car shipment across many destinations and they have the needed manpower as well as the vehicles that can be used. In contrast, some small companies have limited area of coverage and what they do is to bring the car to their covered destination and contract another company to finish the job for them. This is not an ideal set-up even if the car shipping rates offered are lower as too many hands might spoil the transporting process.

June 22, 2012

Profit from Car Transport Reviews

If a person wants to send his car from one place to another they need for an efficient car transporters, so a car transport review may help you in the process. These transport reviews are written by actual consumers from the company you intend to do business with. There are many different vehicle transport reviews to help you get an idea of what different businesses have to provide. These styles of review sites are reliable as well because they give you the opportunity to obtain unbiased opinions which may in return lead you into a nice list of prospects. Many people like to invest time for reading these reviews so that they have the chance of locating the perfect car transport rating.

Make sure that you are collecting details from car transport reviews and not individuals distributors whose information is normally incredibly one-sided. You should only take guidance from someone who has actually had a business relationship with the company you intend to ship any car with. This will certainly make the buying decision and process a little smoother and save you the time of calling these companies one by one. It is fairly sure that you can agree that no one likes to pay money for a product or service that does not produce desirable results.

There are a few aspects that you should summarize before getting auto transport providers. Have you taken the time to research what type of auto transport is better for your car? If you’re moving the car, you should believe that the truck has a vital role. You must also talk about the terms and conditions of the contract with company. Many people prefer written contracts instead of verbal contracts. This helps to make sure that no one forgets about the agreement and makes sure that the agreement is legally binding. Discover out if the car transporters charge any hidden fees that you need to avoid in the future. Also figure out if the car transport company offers any type of money back guarantee for your contract. Ensure that you are fully insured at the time of the relocation of the vehicle.

June 13, 2012

Use Vehicle Transport Services to ship your Car

Vehicle moving from one state to another it would be a very sensible idea for you to consider selecting vehicle transport services from an experienced and reliable company. There are many reasons on why an auto transport company would be the best choice for you to pick. There are lots of companies that are providing free quotes to the clients who are interested in hiring their services. These free quotes provide lots of help to people to describe their concerns about the way of payments and amounts should be paid for transportation. Usually, the price depends on the distance to be carried on, delivery time, and urgent situation of the customer.

Vehicle transport services

When the shipper exactly knows how to move a car across the nation, then he discovers more easily to transportation the vehicle all around the world. Worldwide shipping is one of the complete modes which should be definitely to be intended at the time of carrying. The customer is required to prepare the vehicle which is going to be carried on across the country. In fact, the network will meet the requirements of government regulations and compiles all of the Charter of the state and federal government. When the dispatcher exactly how the movement of vehicles across the country, it is easier for transit vehicles around the world.

Various types of Vehicle transport services in each type:

1. First is the open-type car shipping that is a common type of system that most companies are following at present time. In this kind the company will be able to ship up to 10 vehicles approximately at a time. Using this method can be risky in extreme weather conditions because cars don’t have lots of space between them.

2. Secondly we will discuss close-type car shipping. In this kind vehicles are secured completely from all external elements. The company can carry only few cars at a time as the method has to leave space between each car for their safety.

We at BKK Transport provides Vehicle transport services to ship your car, Motorcycle, and Heavy equipment Transport. You can contact Tel: (888) 666-2202 or e-mail Info@bkktransport.com.

May 21, 2012

Significance for Selecting the Correct Auto Transport Quotes

When comes to Shipping your car is just one among those issues that is quite the difficult process. Shipping your car is an expense process and considering the truth that cars are expensive properties and most owners carry them dearly to their hearts, it is very important for every owner to find the right vehicle shipping quotes instantly that suits for their specifications. On this observe, people shouldn’t misunderstand what has been said above. The right shipping quote doesn’t depend upon the shipping rate that fits your budget. It is about finding the right auto transport carrier who requires good care of your car and ships it to the destination without any issues.

Most of the companies do not take complete responsibility for your property and realize that replaced or repaired property is never the same as the one you held. You need certified, professional and experienced car shipping company for ensuring the safety of your car and for guaranteeing high quality of services. So, never compromise over quality for price at any given day. If you are able to find a highly reputable car shipping company that gives you an expensive auto transport quote. When it comes to choosing the auto transport carrier company, safety of your car is more important above everything else and most of these companies have several different kinds of carriers. You can go for the open top carrier, enclosed car carriers and flatbed truck. To be on the safer side, it is advisable for you to opt for enclosed car carriers who also pack your car appropriately so that not even the slightest damage such as a scratch is incurred during the journey.

There are two kinds of quotes one can find offered by every auto carrier company as well as shipping companies. These are binding quotes and non binding quotes. Non binding quotes are usually more expensive as a final quote as certain charges or fees are excluded from the actual quote, which are involved in the final bill. If you want to plan your budget appropriately, it is advisable that you opt for the former. Then of course, it is always better to get a list of quotes and narrow down your search. Many transport related websites share various details like comparing auto carrier companies and shipping companies, providing car transport quotes etc. There are many blogs and forums as well where you can find comments, reviews and testimonials about various car shipping companies.

We at BKK Transport provide free car shipping quotes for your needs in Auto, Motorcycle, and Heavy equipment Transport. You can contact Tel: (888) 666-2202 or e-mail Info@bkktransport.com.

Best vehicle transport quote

May 8, 2012

Things you Ought to do before Auto Relocation

You must have heard many people say that auto relocation is a challenging task beset with numerous problems. But, it need not be so if you do proper planning well in advance and create a step-by-step guideline of the things you ought to do before auto relocation.

Step1 – Remove all additional fixtures and other loose items including stereos, DVD players, non permanent racks, antennas, GPS systems, back-up cameras etc from inside your car. Remember to also remove all personal items from your vehicle. In fact, it is illegal for a car shipping company to accept a vehicle with personal items inside. Besides, your personal items, if left loose, can also damage the interiors of your car during transport.

Step2 – It is necessary to remove all toll tags and parking passes from your car as well. You would certainly not want to get toll charges on your car while it is being transported. Make sure to remove all those old receipts tucked in your car as well.

Step 3 – Clean the car thoroughly (both inside and outside) to facilitate a complete inspection before handing over the vehicle to the transport company. The defects in the vehicle will become more noticeable only when the vehicle is washed and appears clean.

Step4 – You must be present when the auto transport company does a complete inspection of your vehicle before shipping. This is necessary as the inspection report must faithfully reflect all the existing defects including dents and scratches – nothing more nothing less.

Step5 – Obtain a signed copy of the inspection report along with bill of lading from the carriers. This is a critical document that will be required to claim compensation, should any damages occur to your vehicle while in transit.

Step 6 – After inspection, take a few photographs of your car. This will help your case with the insurance company to establish the damage did not exist before the car was shipped.

Step7 – Your vehicle must be in good running condition in order to qualify for shipping. Please check with your vehicle mechanic and repair any defects. Although some auto transport companies may be willing to move inoperable vehicles, they will often charge extra.

Step8 – You should not have more gas than a quarter tank in your car before handing it for shipping. Less quantities of fuel will lessen weight and hence cheapen the cost as vehicle transport companies generally charge on the weight of the car.

Step9 – Leave your window glasses slightly lowered during transport. Pressure may build inside your car during the shipping process, particularly when kept enclosed in trailers.

Step10 – Hand over a complete set of keys to your company while delivering the vehicle for shipping. It is advisable that you keep a set of duplicate keys so that you are not stranded even if one bunch of keys is misplaced or lost

Step11 – Deactivate your alarm system in order to avoid accidental switching on. If the alarm system gets activated suddenly, it will disturb the driver, and also drain the battery.

Moving your vehicle from one place to another can put a lot of pressure on you. Make sure to entrust your vehicle for shipping to a licensed, bonded and insured company. Avoid companies who do not have the proper licenses and credentials – even if they offer low rates. Make sure to carefully read the contract and all the connected papers.

April 27, 2012

Overview of BKK Auto Transport Services

BKK’s auto transport services are truly versatile and comprehensive by all means. They take full responsibility for the safety of your car during transportation process and they are a highly customer oriented organization. They strive hard to provide efficient services by meeting all of your requirements in the best possible manner. You are certainly bound to find beat deals for your auto transport needs at BKK.

BKK ensures highest quality of services in the most professional manner. All details regarding the transportation are estimated at the earliest and given to their customers. BKK places a special emphasis upon punctuality which stands as a testimony to their professionalism. Details regarding pickup, transport and delivery are scheduled and presented to you before the actual moving day. The transportation depends upon the carrier’s schedule and BKK has presented approximate time frames to help you get an idea about when your vehicle is likely to be delivered. And as per such stipulated time frames for east coast to west coast, it roughly takes about 2 weeks while Midwest to east coast takes about 5 to 8 days and south to north takes about 5 to 8 days as well.

BKK is highly professional in devising a comprehensive plan for the transportation. The associated personal with respect to the carrier will call roughly between 3 to 24 hours before the actual pickup. On the pickup day, the driver will make sure to check your vehicle and present all the necessary documents for you or your substitute to sign those documents. Similarly, the same driver or authority will call you 3 to 24 hours before the actual delivery date, inspects the vehicle upon delivery and give you necessary documents for you to sign.

Shipment charges for the vehicle depends upon the vehicle size, type, make, model etc that a carrier can legally carry. All these charges and quotes are predefined. The variation of the charges depends upon seasonal changes of transportation prices and also upon pickup and delivery destinations and the distance of the entire transportation.

BKK is a highly experienced vehicle transport company that has started providing car shipping services across all US States. They provide NATIONWIDE services at present. So what are you waiting for? Call us today at (888) 666-2202!!!

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