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May 8, 2012

Things you Ought to do before Auto Relocation

You must have heard many people say that auto relocation is a challenging task beset with numerous problems. But, it need not be so if you do proper planning well in advance and create a step-by-step guideline of the things you ought to do before auto relocation.

Step1 – Remove all additional fixtures and other loose items including stereos, DVD players, non permanent racks, antennas, GPS systems, back-up cameras etc from inside your car. Remember to also remove all personal items from your vehicle. In fact, it is illegal for a car shipping company to accept a vehicle with personal items inside. Besides, your personal items, if left loose, can also damage the interiors of your car during transport.

Step2 – It is necessary to remove all toll tags and parking passes from your car as well. You would certainly not want to get toll charges on your car while it is being transported. Make sure to remove all those old receipts tucked in your car as well.

Step 3 – Clean the car thoroughly (both inside and outside) to facilitate a complete inspection before handing over the vehicle to the transport company. The defects in the vehicle will become more noticeable only when the vehicle is washed and appears clean.

Step4 – You must be present when the auto transport company does a complete inspection of your vehicle before shipping. This is necessary as the inspection report must faithfully reflect all the existing defects including dents and scratches – nothing more nothing less.

Step5 – Obtain a signed copy of the inspection report along with bill of lading from the carriers. This is a critical document that will be required to claim compensation, should any damages occur to your vehicle while in transit.

Step 6 – After inspection, take a few photographs of your car. This will help your case with the insurance company to establish the damage did not exist before the car was shipped.

Step7 – Your vehicle must be in good running condition in order to qualify for shipping. Please check with your vehicle mechanic and repair any defects. Although some auto transport companies may be willing to move inoperable vehicles, they will often charge extra.

Step8 – You should not have more gas than a quarter tank in your car before handing it for shipping. Less quantities of fuel will lessen weight and hence cheapen the cost as vehicle transport companies generally charge on the weight of the car.

Step9 – Leave your window glasses slightly lowered during transport. Pressure may build inside your car during the shipping process, particularly when kept enclosed in trailers.

Step10 – Hand over a complete set of keys to your company while delivering the vehicle for shipping. It is advisable that you keep a set of duplicate keys so that you are not stranded even if one bunch of keys is misplaced or lost

Step11 – Deactivate your alarm system in order to avoid accidental switching on. If the alarm system gets activated suddenly, it will disturb the driver, and also drain the battery.

Moving your vehicle from one place to another can put a lot of pressure on you. Make sure to entrust your vehicle for shipping to a licensed, bonded and insured company. Avoid companies who do not have the proper licenses and credentials – even if they offer low rates. Make sure to carefully read the contract and all the connected papers.

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