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March 10, 2015

Who Benefits From Professional Auto Transport?



Florida Auto Transport

When exotic car owners need a car transported, owners typically don’t trust just anyone. Everyone from private dealers, to exporters, to auction owners needs cars delivered on time, safely, and securely. When driving your car across the country simply isn’t an option, you need to call in help from the experts. You need to be able to trust that your investment is being handled with care, and that the company you rely on is up to the task.

Instant Car Shipping Rates

At BKK Transport, delivering vehicles safely and securely is what we are all about. We can handle everything, including all types of vehicles, light and heavy equipment, motorcycles, and more. We transport vehicles all across the nation, with trips from coast to coast, north to south, and everywhere in between. Check out our website for more information, including local same day delivery for certain states! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have: (866) 666-2202.

February 17, 2015

Delays Shipping Cars, Heavy Equipments During Winter Season

Shortage and Limited Auto Transporters ,Heavy Equipment Haulers ,Transporters in Most Northern States Shipments because of bad wheather conditions causing many delays

February 16, 2015

The Best Way to Transport Your Vehicle

The Best Way to Transport Your Vehicle

Whether you’ve found the perfect car six states over or you’re searching for the best way to move multiple cars at once, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best transportation options:

Professional Driving Service – Professional driving services provide a professional transporter who can drive your vehicle to its new location. If you don’t mind extra miles or someone else driving your car, a professional driver service can be a good choice. Bkk Transport

Cargo Container – If you’re headed overseas, the only real option is to entrust your car to a cargo container. These cargo carriers are generally safe, only losing a few hundred pieces of cargo per year.

Open-Air Truck – The most popular and efficient way to transport vehicles, open-air trucks can carry multiple vehicles and are usually the transportation option of choice for new cars.

Enclosed Truck – Enclosed trucks are more expensive than open-air trucks, however inside enclosed trucks vehicles are completely secured and safe from weather and other external elements.

If you’re searching for a reliable, trustworthy and affordable professional vehicle transportation service, with both open-air and enclosed truck options, look no further than BKK Transport & Brokerage.

October 30, 2013

Heavy equipment shipping – Things to be known

Heavy equipment transport is one of the daunting tasks that involve handling complexities. Unlike any other vehicles, even heavy equipments demand transportation due to several reasons.

Even the slightest error or damage could cause a substantial risk, damage, downtime and lost opportunity for your business. Hence it is essential a qualified auto-hauling company specializing in heavy equipment transport is hired for your shipping purposes.

Be it a backhoe, crane, excavator, bobcat, dump truck, skid steer, crusher, or forklift, our team of qualified experts can price it accurately and get your freight to the construction site or back to your yard.

There are quite a few factors that are taken into consideration while determining the cost of heavy equipment hauling and it includes:

•    Speed of transit
•    Additional escorts if any
•    Number of drivers needed
•    Size and weight of the equipment
•    Trailer type
•    Distance of transit
•    Extra services needed such as tarps, fasteners, strapping, etc.

September 25, 2013

Auto shipping Quotes – The major factors that make it expensive

While shipping your automobile, Auto transport quotes plays a vital role irrespective of the destination. Pricing factor, having become a major concern there are quite a few factors that determines the cost of it. Following are some of them explained briefly:

  •  Model and type of the automobile
  •   Distance
  •   Delivery date
  •   Insurance
  •   Size of the vehicle
  •   Auto transport mode
  •   Fuel cost

Model and type of the automobile is one of the foremost factors, if it’s a vintage car or a contemporary car that is very costly then it may require special care than the ordinary ones.

Distance is one of the major factors that crops up while deciding on the auto shipping rate. Farther the distance, higher the shipping cost!

Sometimes, depending on the season transportation price will be fixed; delivery date is yet another factor. This is because; car hauling in winter season is more expensive as compared to summer seasons. Insurance also adds.

Size and weight of the vehicle is a standard factor that determines the rate of shipping a car. When you want to ship heavy equipments then it may cost more.

Transport mode- there is two types of transporting techniques, open and enclosed mode so based on the preference, you may be charged.

When you sign up for BKK Car transport shipping, you can be sure of getting the most favored service.

June 20, 2013

Benefits of Auto Transport Companies in Florida

Florida auto transportation is not an easy task unless and until you choose the right car shipping company. Once you have identified the right company then there are several benefits that you get to enjoy. Driving the roads of America is fun but driving across the country when you are moving to a new city can cause distress. There are several things that you will be in need of when you are planning to drive yourself, predominantly time and money fuel and motel expenses. With that said, driving all the way from your place can be a difficult task. Hence, letting a Florida auto transport company to move your car will help you save a lot.

Florida Auto Transport

Primarily there are some benefits that one can enjoy with Florida car transport shipping companies and it is they help you save money, save time, makes it travel the way you want ultimately decreasing your stress related to auto shipping. In addition to the aforementioned benefits consumers and auto manufacturing leaders alike benefit from the lowest Florida auto transport rates and the maximum level of trust and dependability. You also get free Quotes on Florida Auto Transport. Receive a Free Instant Auto Transport Quote by using the Free Form i.e. the shipping calculator.

Bkktransport.com provides Florida auto transport service that fits customers all over the US Nation country, even California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Texas. Our drivers perform car transport services available both open and closed, with door-to-door delivery.

May 27, 2013

Heavy Equipment Transport Company to Transport Heavy Equipments

Transporting heavy equipment is not an easy task and this explains why everyone would want to be very cautious when searching for a heavy equipment transporter. There are several transport companies in the world, but it is significant to know that not all of them are the same. If you are looking for heavy equipment shipping or  transport company for the first time, then you may consider the guidelines below in order to get an excellent service.

The initial thing you would want to do is that check the different companies that specialize in heavy equipment transportation through internet. Spend some time to see their websites. Company websites can provide you a lot of valuable information. Check the type of services the company provides, check whether they have the appropriate vehicles for transporting heavy equipment and check the number of years they have been in the industry. You cannot neglect the fact that efficiency often goes along with experience. If the company has more experience, then you would feel more confident in hiring its services. You can also get suggestion from friends who had similar services.

Heavy Equipment Transport

Always check the reputation of the company you are going to deal with. You do not want to hand over your equipment or goods to just someone. You can do a background check on the company to decide whether it has an excellent reputation or not. You can make the right decisions based on other customer’s feedback about the company’s service. While visiting a company’s website, always check on what other customers say about that company. Customer’s feedback could be the excellent recommendation a company gets. Always good companies will leave space for feedback forums where customers could post questions and get answers.

Another main thing you should consider is that the quality of service offered by the heavy equipment hauling company. The response time of a company indicates whether the company is trustworthy or not. Good companies have excellent customer service and a tracking method that permits you to track your goods on transportation. It is important to estimate their level of customer service before selecting the transport company. You can do this by communicating with other customers or by talking directly to the company’s customer service representative.

One of the things you would need to take into consideration should be the transporting charge of your equipment from one place to another by getting heavy equipment transport quote. You should not do business with an unrecognized company. Also it is significant to check whether the company is certified and insured. In case of accident, loss of equipment or physical damages of any nature you would need to be compensated. If you consider the above while selecting the transport company then you can be sure that you are going for the best services.

May 18, 2013

Tips for Transporting Your Vehicle to Florida

Whether you need to transport your vehicle to Florida, move out of Florida then select the best Florida auto transport company in order to get a worry free transport process. Conceivably you would wish to transport your vehicle through door to door transportation and an enclosed or open trailer, or maybe you have a part of heavy equipment to transport. Whatever it is you need a better planning and you have to choose the good auto transport company.

Auto Transport

If you are an auto transporter or a dealer, then you will be search for fine auto shipping rates and a company who can offer you with best transportation services to and from all states in United States. Search around and get a quote, see what suggestions the company may be able to give. Then you can make a good decision based on a proven customer service track record, plus a good rate as well. An experienced company can transport cars, heavy equipment of any size, motorcycles, trucks and all kind of vehicles far away from Florida.

Shipping your vehicle by yourself to a long distance is not an easy task and it is very expensive too. You have to take rest somewhere and also you need to evade road hazards along the way. You have to consider several aspects like gas, lodging, weather conditions and food expenses. Rather than worrying about all of these factors, many people select Florida car transport for their car shipping, as it tends to be the most precise and efficient solution.

Irrespective of the type of Florida auto transport you select to transport your car, many auto transport companies are readily available to transport your car. You can easily obtain instant auto shipping quote from the auto transport companies by filling the online quote form. Always you need to make sure that you get insurance coverage from the auto transport company to handle entire loss of your car because of accident.

Selecting the best auto transport shipping company lets you to evade all of these expenses and possible collapses. Make sure that there are not any concealed fees, and that you have conversed to a company agent about where, when and what you want to transport, and then be guaranteed that there will be no annoying disclosures.

April 29, 2013

Transportation Methods of Auto Transport Companies

Nowadays several auto transport companies are available to transport your cars from one place to another place which provides auto transport services to their customers. But the transport services provided by the auto transport companies may vary. In that some of the companies may provide dedicated services to their customers.

You have to know the various methods of auto transportation methods in order to locate the most effective method to transport your car. It will help you to choose the best transport company for your car. So that it is easy to find the best auto transport company which offers precisely the transportation method you may use for the affordable price.

The transportation method may vary between auto transport companies. However before selecting auto transport companies to transport your car verify the transportation methods of that company. The Transportation methods offered by auto transport companies are listed here.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Enclosed Vehicle Transport is used to transport the luxury and classic cars. The car transported with enclosed vehicle transport is safe, keep away from dust, damages, climate conditions, some other vehicles and equipments. Because the car is transported in an enclosed truck in which almost nothing will get in touch with the car.

Open Vehicle Transport

In Open Vehicle Transport the car is loaded into a large truck with some other cars or vehicles and it will be shipped to the destination place. This is the best method for transporting your daily usage vehicles and it is not suitable for luxury and classic cars. The car transported with this method is affected with dust and climate conditions.

When you select the right transport company to transport your extraordinary vehicle then your vehicle will be transported to your destination place safely without any harm.

Door to Door Services

There are several transport companies which will offer door to door services to their customers. In this type of transport the car is pickup by the transport company employee for transportation and the car is delivered to the destination place.

The Personal Pickup and Delivery service is not provided by all the companies, you want to search and locate the transport company which provides this service for your car at affordable cost.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

The Terminal to Terminal Shipping is the most affordable method for transporting your car. You can drop your car at a specific terminal near to your place. The transport company loads your car in truck for transportation and delivers your car to another terminal which is near to your destination place.

These are the methods of transportation services offered by the auto transport shipping companies to transport your car. In that you want to select the auto transport company and transportation methods offered by them to transport your car at the affordable cost.

April 8, 2013

Tips for Selecting Heavy Equipment Shipping Company

The trailers are used for shipping the heavy equipments from one place to another place. There is lot of chances how the heavy equipment will not likely go with a typical trailer. However currently the problem is actually through whereby you can obtain the heavy hauling trailers. The heavy equipment shipping company commonly offers heavy equipment transport services according to the customer requirements.

Select the shipping company who has complete knowledge about the equipments needed for heavy equipment shipping. The company needs to be familiar around the restrictions of the way, weight restriction which in turn dependent on size of the heavy equipment and regular traffic on the way.

The shipping company should be aware of the permit prerequisites which include law enforcement officials or road permit, rules and regulations of the locations through which they transport. It is significant to make sure that the equipment should reach the destination place securely and eliminates the issues in shipping. The shipping company should be expertise in dealing with all types of heavy equipments.

The shipping company should be selected based on the long time experience in handling the heavy equipments. The experienced shipping company will offer valuable services according to the customer needs. In addition make sure that the selected company is well known for its stability and inexpensive assistance. Many problems are involved in heavy equipment Shipping and it is not a simple job. The shipping company should face all the problems to transport the heavy equipment to destination place.

The heavy equipment shipping company employees should be specialized in handling all the heavy equipments. They will be able to get over all kinds of problems on transporting the heavy equipments. On the other hand find the correct company according to your needs and make sure to select a company which provides cost effective service to customers. So that the amount spent for transporting your heavy equipment is reduced.

There are lots of companies which can be good in handling heavy equipments. Make sure the company you select for transport your heavy equipment is experienced in handling your needs. The shipping companies generally have large network of drivers who can transport the heavy equipments to your destination in the shortest time period.

Heavy Equipment Transport Quote

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