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How long does it take to deliver a vehicle?
All pickup , transport , delivery  times and dates are estimated .Each transport is different depending on the carrier’s schedule. The following are approximate time frames to help you have an idea of what to expect.

  • Coast to Coast appox - 4 to 10 days
  • Midwest to East Coast – approx. 3 to 5 days
  • Midwest to West Coast - approx. 4 to 6 days
  • North to South approx - 3 to 5 days
  • South to North approx - 3 to 5 days
  • State to State Next to each other - 1 to 3 depends which states
  • Example: Ca to AZ 1 to 3 days, IL to IN -1 day approx

  • State Local same day or next 1 to 2 days approx. depends which state and miles distance
  • Example:

  • CA state 1 to 3 days approx , San Diego, CA to San Francisco, Ca
  • Houston, TX to Dallas, TX approx. 1 day

How your vehicle will be transported?
Vehicle Auto Transport is Easy  if everything is set up and planned  in advance. Carrier/driver will call you  3 to 24 hours before pick up of your vehicle and you have to get ready for it and if  you not available at the time when the drive/carrier  arrive  to pick up or deliver  your vehicle you can  have someone else to do that  . The driver will arrive and check the vehicle  and have you or the person at pick up to  sign a "Bill of Lading" , and load your vehicle on the his trailer. Before delivery driver/carrier will call you or person at delivery 3-24 hours in advance, inspect the vehicle with you and have you or the person at delivery  to sign  prove of delivery papers.

Why the prices to transport vehicles are different depending on the model, type of vehicle, location for pick up and delivery and season?
Shipments and quote price are based on the vehicle size, type, make and model that a carrier can legally carry. SUV's, Pick up, Van are heavier, higher and longer than a compact car.When the vehicle is picked up and delivered in metro areas and big city and  radius  up to 30 miles the price is lower than not metro area location where your vehicle is picked up and delivered. Depending on the Season  vehicle transport prices are changing and also depending and pick up and delivery locatons.

What is a pickup time frame?
A pickup window is the time surrounding your pickup date. For instance some shippers may have a 14 day window. This way the truck can pick up your vehicle 7 days before or after your pickup date. This is normal procedure, be careful of transporters who do not specify a pickup date and charge really low rates; you might not see your vehicle for 4-5 weeks. It is very important to make sure the transporter you use gives you a reasonable time frame.

Will your vehicle be Insured during transportation?
Your vehicle  will be Insured during transportation  for No extra charge.The auto transport carrier has minimum  $ 100.000 to $ 250.000 insurance coverage for open trailer and $ 500.000 for enclosed trailer transport  . The carrier holds insurance that covers anything done to you vehicle while in transit, except acts of nature. Personal content in the vehicle, not permanently attached, are not covered by carrier insurance but can be kept in trunk only on your own risk and not to exceed  150 lbs.

What does DOOR-TO-DOOR service mean?
Door-to-Door means the carrier will get as physically close as possible to your front door. If you live on a main road, at least two lanes wide, with no overhanging trees or low bridges and the streets to your house can accommodate the carrier and he is able to make it to your front door than he will do so. As the carrier approaches your pickup or delivery location the driver will confirm address and discuss accessibility. Please inform your carrier if accessibility is limited and make arrangements to meet at a local grocery store, gas station or other close location where the driver /carrier can load and unload your vehicle.

Do I have to be present at the time of  pick up or delivery ?
You or your  representative  must be present when the carrier arrives for pickup and delivery of your vehicle in order to sign  the  document for proof of pick up and delivery .This document is called "Bill of Lading" .

What if I am not there for the delivery of my vehicle?
If you or your representative  is  not at the agreed place and time  of delivery to accept your vehicle the carrier will find a local terminal to store your vehicle (at the owners, or your expense) until you can pick up your vehicle.There is some solutions how  to  solve the problems that will cost you extra charge if you don’t show up  at agreed  time and place  we can  help you and arrange some other way to solve the problem. Please remember that these storage costs will be at your expense and are not included in the quote price so try to be there to accept your vehicle.

Will my vehicle be driven?
Your vehicle will only be driven to load and unload your vehicle from the carrier. Usually no more than 5 miles will be put on your vehicle during transport. Please note the mileage on your pickup and delivery inspection form "Bill of Lading".

How do I check on the status of my order?
You may email or call us to request tracking information on your vehicle.


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