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Types of Heavy Hauling Equipment Vehicles

The heavy haul transportation vehicles are becoming a must-have tool for a wide-range of industries. Due to the high cost of these vehicles, most companies now prefer to hire this type of specialized equipment rather than to purchase outright. Most of these vehicles are easy to hire from a great number of companies.

Heavy hauling equipments

Some of the most common types of construction or heavy haul vehicles

Loader - The loader machine is often known by a wide range of names, such as front end loader, front load, bucket loader, and scoop loader, and is used quite often in the building of new roads, and also for a number of other construction and building projects due to its overall versatility. These vehicles are quite extensively used for transporting other items of equipment to another vehicle or place of construction.

Forklift - A high-powered forklift is highly efficient at lifting and hauling heavy materials and objects and available in wide range of load capacities and sizes to suit a particular construction project. A common sight is in a large warehouse, the forklift is perfect for hauling heavy supplies in and around these large storage buildings.

Crawler - A crawler, which might also be commonly known as a bulldozer, is essentially a large and heavy tractor equipped with a front mounted dozer plate. A common vehicle often used in the process of constructing roads, but is also seen shifting earth or supplies on a construction job.

Crane - There is a variety of crane types, which are essential in the construction of most large or high-rise buildings and comes with wire ropes, a hoist, and sheaves for lifting and lowering the build materials. These are available as either a static or vehicle-mounted pieces of equipment.

Excavators - The excavator is a versatile heavy-vehicle, which comes with a sizable articulated arm with digging bucket on the end, and controlled via a pivoted mounted cab. An all-purpose vehicle of this type is seen in a lot of build projects, and might assist workers in digging trenches, landscaping, forestry works, driving piles, demolishing buildings, dredging rivers, and general lifting duties.

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